Shot to the heart… and the head… and the butt: in which I play paintball

OSG Paintball

For Gabe’s birthday we went to a place called OSG paintball with about fifteen teenagers who all knew how to shoot a gun, except me. When we arrived we got a gun and a mask each and then we went through the safety rules. As soon as the referee was done with the safety rules we went out on the field. Then he said, “Three, two, one, go, go, go!”  There were popping sounds all around me. Me and my buddy peeked around the corner and three paint balls whizzed by my head.

We ducked down behind a bunker. I said to him, “Cover me!” I bolted out and to another barrier. Then I saw the person who was shooting at us and it was my brother Elisha. I capped a few shots off and then I heard a loud shout, “Hit!” Elisha put his gun in the air and walked out of the field. I did a fist pump and yelled, “Oh yeah!” What I didn’t notice was that I was in the wide open. A searing pain exploded in my butt and I yelled out and walked out of the field holding my left cheek. As I was limping out of the course jokingly shouting, “Something jumped up and bit me in the bum!”

The next course we went to was called urban town. It had three cars to hide behind. When it was go time I ran into a building and tried to shoot mom but instead she shot me in the heart. I called, “Out!” and walked out of the course. I jokingly said, “Nice shot!” to my mom. Thankfully, my best friend Jordan avenged me and shot mom in the thigh.

The next course we went to was called castle. We tried to take the castle over so we went grunt rushing onto the walls of the castle and and began firing into the keep.  My friend Betsy and i got behind cover. When we tried to go somewhere else they would shoot at us. I just bolted out of the cover and looked up to see a blue paint ball flying at me and then, BAM! I got hit right in the face! I yelled, “Hit!” but not for the last time. It turns out it was a blind firing person (your not supposed to blind fire in paint ball) who had shot me. He kept firing so I got one in the back and one in the head before I yelled out again, running as fast as IU could to get out of the fire fight.

The next round was the same field only we were defending the castle. The guy yelled, “Three, two, one, go, go, go!”  I ran up to the bell which the other team had to ring. Then I ran to the front of the castle and began popping people off. I hit Rachel and missed Hannah. Then I got pinned by Dad and Jeremiah whom I couldn’t shoot. I went down the stairs and I looked up towards the bell, I saw mom running towards it I was slamming every piece of paint out of the gun at her. When I heard the ding, ding, ding, ding, I knew she had won the game and I had failed to shoot her.

Ez weltThen next course was called sherwood forest. The guy, again, yelled, “Three, two, one, go, go, go!” Our team ran up to the fortress, which was our weakness. We began firing when I moved into position I was pinned there. I had shooters on all sides and then Kari came to a log barrier and I shot her in the head. Elisha a sneaked up behind me and shot me in the back. It turned out I was the soul survivor of the whole team. Elisha was supposed to say, “Surrender,” but he shot me instead.

The last corse and was capture the flag. What made this game different was that we got unlimited lives by going back to base and touching it. We ran for high ground and the fire fight began. I shot Dad, then Jerry, and then Mom. They captured the flag. Hannah shot me in the face and three times and in the pinky finger three times in the same spot. The other team won.

When the fighting was over we went back, returned our guns, and ate lunch. I got the worst welt of the day, the guy said so. After we had a picnic at OSG we loaded up and went to the Wood’s place for dinner. I asked if i could sleep over and mom said I could. So I did.