Proboscis and Silver Leaf Monkeys

Today we drove to a proboscis monkey sanctuary. When we arrived we saw pig tailed macaque monkeys crossing the street. At the feeding platform we saw a swamp snake. The lady said it was not poisonous.

The word proboscis means nose, so we saw the nose monkeys. Some fought over the food and even a squirrel joined in on eating the salty bread, but this bread does not have sugar. If it did and they ate it they would die.

When we went to the second feeding platform we saw silver leaf monkeys. We could feed those by hand! One even jumped on my shoulder and played on my head. Soon he lost interest in my head and took the bean for payment and leapt off of my head. There was a baby that, if you fed it, would hold your hand, as in your finger.

Silver leaf monkeys are rare to see. They don’t show themselves in the grey trees, they blend in to the dark.

One monkey pinched me so hard I almost cried out, “Ouch! Ouch!” But I didn’t.


16 thoughts on “Proboscis and Silver Leaf Monkeys

  1. I thot that wen the silver leaf monkey jumped on you it was cute.
    From: celiamorse
    PS: I am 7.

    • Ezra says: “I had to put beans on my shoulder to get them on. It was fun. Sometimes if they see the bean in your other hand they will either jump for it or pinch you really hard.”

  2. That’s funny that the monkey pinched you! I liked reading your blog. The monkey’s nose looked funny.
    Salem Curtis, age 9

  3. Those are crazy noses! I’m glad human men don’t have noses like that!!!! But I guess we would get used to it 🙂

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