Meeting Orang Utan Apes In A Sanctuary

Today we are driving to an orang utan sanctuary. While we are driving mom tells us some facts and I also researched it for an essay I’m writing for school. There are about twenty thousand orang utan in the world.They only live on two islands, Sumatra and Borneo. We have gone to one other sanctuary on Borneo.

When we arrive we only have five minutes to get to the feeding platform. When we get there we see some big orang utan apes (did you know that orang utans are Asia’s only giant ape?) They are feeding on bananas, young leaves and nuts. It is fun to watch them eat their breakfast. They were obviously interested in us too.

Some of them would fight over the food until the dominate male came. He did not have face pads yet. Those develop when they are twenty or so. The dominate male would fight and always win the food. There were two apes wrestling on the platform. It was fun.

When we hopped back into the car we drove to a national park. There we went on a canopy walk. We got to see pitcher plants and a flying squirrel fly off of a tree.

I hope you enjoyed the story!

12 thoughts on “Meeting Orang Utan Apes In A Sanctuary

    • Ezra says: “Hey! They’re endangered, don’t say that! They might hear you! My Mom made the hat and I found a way to hide the beans in it so that the silver leafs wouldn’t pinch me!”

  1. Very nice writing Ezra, I loved hearing it from your point of view.
    I always get to hear it from your mom’s point of view.

    • Ezra says, “Thanks Aunt Michelle, I love you lots. I hope I can get your email address so I can email you soon. If you have mine, please send yours and then we can talk! We are flying to Jakarta today.”

  2. Wow, Ez, your writing is really improving. Most interesting! And I think you fit right into that painting of the urang utans!!!

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