Adventure to Oswego

I awoke to a buzzing alarm in a warm bed. Wait scratch that. I wish I had awoke to a warm bed and a buzzing alarm, but I over slept and woke up twenty minutes before departure. There was a list of things to grab on the way out the door, it consisted of, a thermos, a winter jacket, and a pillow. I sprinted up the stairs and grabbed all the stuff on the list and jumped in the car and we drove to the ferry.

When we got to Kingston Marina we put our boat in the water and packed all the extra stuff in. My brothers and my father got on the boat, hugged our mother, and began motoring off into the lake. Mom took photos of us as we passed the ferry dock.

When we turned the VHF radio on there was a strong winds warning for winds gusting up to 70 mph so instead of puttering off to Oswego we decided to duck into Cape Vincent, only 13 miles away. As the sun set the skies began to let loose. At first only light rains but as soon as we pulled into dock it began to storm. Lighting was striking all over at Wolfe island. The wind was picking up. As I stepped off the dock to tie the boat up with Fitz, the wind was blowing so hard that it nearly knocked me off my feet. We decided to stay in Cape Vincent for the night.

When we woke the next morning we walked down to the library and I began to catch up on my school.

The next morning we began puttering off to Oswego. We attached Phil up to the tiller (our automatic steering device). Nothing eventful happened on the passage other than spotting one freighter that was empty. When we arrived in Oswego we tied up to the marina and went out for a nice Mexican dinner. It was delicious.

The next morning we cleaned up the cabin of the boat and did some shopping. After dad and Fitz returned we started up river we had to do four locks. A lock is like a stair case for boats, the lock master waits for the boat to drive into the lock and then closes off both ends of the lock. Then the Lock master begins the pumping process which lets water into the lock until you are at the higher water line. the Lock master will open one end of the lock and let you out of the lock. Today we have gone up a total of 50 feet. We are now in Fulton for the night.

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  1. Good one, Ez! Almost missed the boat — literally! Looking forward to your next report! Keep hanging on!

    Love you!

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