“Grenade!!!” The call sounded from the other side of the beach. I heard a stick whistle when it flipped through the air, catching the wind in a little hole in its side and creating a small noise. Then, with a puff of fine, multi-colored sand, a stick dropped to the ground within seven feet of me. I leapt to my feet, forsaking my safe haven of sticks and sand, and took a flying leap through the air towards the object of death. In the back of my head a voice whispered , “Five, four, three,” but I had already landed on the object and had it in my hand and it was swinging through the air again. A sound smashed against my ears and my mind processed it into Elisha’s voice, “BANG!!! DEAD!!!” I dropped to the ground with the stick still in my hands.  I lay on the ground counting to twenty, ten because of the bullet Elisha shot at me and ten for the grenade. Then, all of the sudden I leapt to my feet and pushed off the ground. I landed on the ground, in the little safe haven of sticks and sand, in a spray of damp dirt. I heard a bang from the mouth of Ezra and leaped to my feet, lifting the stick gun in my hand I shot and yelled, “BANG!!! You’re dead!” He pretended to fall over backward dead. I ducked down again as Elisha jumped to his feet with gun in hand. I picked up a stick from a pile to my left and held it ready, as soon as Elisha was down behind his base again I brought my arm back and stood up and threw it with as much strength as I could. It landed right in their base and I yelled, “Flash bomb!!” They both ducked beneath their arms but they were to late. They both closed their eyes and started to count to five. I lunged forward and to the side, and ran with all my speed. Five seconds passed and they opened their eyes and looked for me at my base. By then I was already at their sides only twenty feet away. I heard Ezra say, “I think he is behind his base and getting ready to throw a grenade. Get ready.” Then I said, “Hands up you two hooligans!” they jumped and brought their guns up to train on my head, but they were already dead. I rushed back to my safe haven and leapt in again. Just then Hannah’s voice rang down from up on the hill. We all looked and she said, “Time to go. Come on.” We got up and, while Elisha and Ezra decided weather or not to bring guns with them, I ran up the hill and after Hannah.

Half an hour later I had my earphones in and we were speeding down the road while Josh Garrels calmed my racing pulse. I looked out the window and watched as tree after tree wiped bye. When we were near the coast I saw lots of trees that had bent inland from all the wind that had blown on them. Sparrow’s swooped and dove in their endless dance. Blue flowers framed by green were brought into my vision and were swept away again. The water sparkled and gleamed as we drove along its side. So far New Zealand has been the best place on this trip even better than Asia.

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  1. Thanks for the really great descriptive writing, Gabe! I can just picture the battle happening right in front of me! Can’t wait to experience it in person! Miss you!

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